Brunch at Cumbancha

Saturday & Sunday

10Am to 4PM

Granola: $11 - Whole grain oats & nuts, greek yogurt, fresh fruit of the day, honey.

Breakfast Burrito: $11 - Scrambled eggs, chorizo, refried beans, mixed cheese, guacamole w. side of tortilla chips.

Omelette: $10 - Eggs, mushrooms & huitlacoche, cheese, and your choice of home fries or small salad. Add: Bacon $2/ Chicken $2/ Egg whites $3.

Tacos Mañaneros: $10 - Three corn tortilla filled with eggs and Mexican chorizo, pico de gallo, avocado, and cilantro.

B.L.T. Egg Sandwich : $12 - Bacon, lettuce, tomato, scrambled eggs, avocado, refried beans, chipotle aioli and totopos.

Huevos Rancheros: $12 - Two eggs over medium on top of two corn tortillas, in a ranchero sauce with pico de gallo and queso fresco.

Huevos Divorciados: $12 - Two eggs over medium, one topped w. green salsa, the second w. red salsa, served w. refried beans and home fries.

Chilaquiles: $12 - Crispy corn tortilla with your choice of green tomatillo or smoky red morita sauce, with two eggs over medium on top, fresh crema and queso fresco.

Carne Asada con Huevo: $16 - Hanger steak cooked to your preferred temperature, with two eggs over medium, salsa cruda, and home fries with jalapeño rajas and Oaxaca cheese.

Huevos Benedict: $13 - Two poached eggs over Mexican chorizo or mushroom huitlacoche, English muffin, habanero hollandaise sauce, and your choice of home fries or side salad.

Mixed Berry Pancakes: $12 - Gluten-free pancakes with fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, maple syrup, and a side of apple-smoked bacon.


2x1 Mimosas, Sangrias, and Micheladas

Free coffee refills (regular coffee only)

Jarritos and Mexican Coke